How to use

1.Remove the eyelash strip from the eyelash holder by gently pulling from one end of the eyelash strip. This minimizes the adhesive's resistance so that the adhesive strip doesn't break.

2.Resize the eyelash to the length of your eyecurve by clipping each end of the eyelash strip. Clipping the ends to match the length of your eyecurve is important so the ends of the eyelashes don't come loose due to blinking. 

3.The eyelashes best attach to a clean, dry skin, as it's body heat activated. The strip attaches to a very light coat of makeup as well.

4.Apply the eyelashes along the edge of your eyelid, right above the eyelash line. It is crucial to apply gentle pressure with your finger for about 3 seconds to make them stick properly.

5.After use, store the eyelashes in its original container to avoid getting the strip dusty/dirty.

6.If you wish to restore the stickiness of a used adhesive strip, simply rinse with warm water to remove excess residue from the strip. Let it dry in a warm environment or gently blow dry it with a hair dryer from a moderate distance.

7.If you wish to replace the adhesive strip, gently pull off the adhesive strip from the eyelash strip and attach the false eyelashes to a new one. Apply gentle pressure to make it stick stronger. Clip the unnecessary length of the adhesive strip. Instead of replacing the adhesive strip after use, we suggest replacing it before the next use.